We have leading software in the debt collection industry that enables us to:
1) Manage large quantities of new debtors on a monthly basis via a “Real time batch function”;
2) Manage files statuses by age via a “Status duration function” that enables us to monitor/identify files and manage pro-actively;
3) Create “Dynamic Management Tools” in order to accommodate the constant changing demands of clients and magistrate courts.


Our litigation services include Civil litigation:
– Magistrate’s Court
– High Court
– Appeal Court
– Constitutional Court
Also Arbitration and Commercial Collections including collections on behalf of financial institutions


Koegelenberg Attorneys have vast experience in the field of commercial law. Our attorneys keep abreast of the latest developments to ensure that any advice given will comply with and satisfy the client’s needs.
– Formation/Registration of companies, closed corporations and trusts
– Administration of lease properties and lease agreements
– Partnership and Shareholders Agreements
– Sale of Business contracts
– Building Contracts
– Cessions


We provide the following property related services:
– Arranging of property Finance and registration of bonds
– Commercial, residential, and industrial transactions
– Drafting of all contracts relating to Property
– Conveyancing and Deeds Registration
– Notarial contracts
– Leases
– Property Developments and Schemes
– Rezoning and subdivisions
– Sectional titles


The administration of deceased estates is an emotional and sometimes intricate process. Our IT system was specifically developed for this purpose and allows us to manage any process pro-actively and with efficiency. This ensures meticulous precision to the smallest of details, which in turn leads to a speedy successful conclusion of the estate.

We act as Executors and understand that the assets of an estate belong to the beneficiaries. We comply with all the legal requirements and strive to distribute the assets as promptly as possible. This procedure comes at a time of high emotion and heartache and as such we take the burden from the relatives and ensure the least troublesome process possible.


We draft and administrate applications for all types of liquor licenses. We ensure that your applications are complete and in line with relevant regulations and legislation.

Our software was designed to pro-actively manage all the necessary timelines set in terms of the Liquor Laws, thus ensuring no time wastage, unnecessary penalties or trading down time.


Koegelenberg Attorneys was established in 1999 by Conrad Koegelenberg, mainly to assist a leading banking institution with their credit management and collection needs on a national basis. The practice initially focused mainly on debt collection and the development of more practical and timesaving pre-legal and legal processes in accordance with the Magistrates’ Courts Act (Act 32 of 1944) and the National Credit Act (Act 34 of 2005)

One of the areas in which Koegelenberg Attorneys excelled the most was the development of unique debt collection software in order to maximise efficiency and dynamics in the debt collection industry. This enabled us to provide a better and more technology advanced cutting edge service in an environment of continuous growing competition.

The practice has grown rapidly over the years with a current permanent staff compliment of more than 100 and we utilise services of more than 200 consultants. We provide a national service with various jurisdictional service addresses and head office in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. The partners, professional-assistants and highly competent management team heads up the practice and oversee all work done by motivated staff members.
The firm prides itself on a high standard of commitment to their clients and the law profession.

Conrad Koegelenberg


B.Com LLB (University of Stellenbosch)
Admitted as attorney in 1998.
Areas of expertise: Debt Collection,
Commercial Law and LiquorLaw

Len Kok


BA LLB (University of Stellenbosch)
Admitted as attorney in 1999 and as conveyancer in 2006.
Areas of expertise: Debt collection,
Commercial law, Contracts and Property law

Johan de Bod


B.Com LLB (University of Stellenbosch)
Admitted as attorney in 2009 and conveyancer in 2010.
Areas of expertise: Property law, Foreclosures, Debt collection, High Court litigation and Magistrate’s Court litigation

Leechelle Meiring


LLB (University of Stellenbosch)
Admitted as attorney in 2012
Areas of expertise: General litigation,
Debt collection, Labour Law

Conrad Groenewald


LLB Cum Laude (University of South Africa)
Admitted as attorney in 2015.
Areas of interest: Debt collection, General litigation, Contracts, Compliance law, Electronic Transaction law




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